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You are welcome for a 20 minute intake conversation (free of charge) at the practice to make sure that we ‘click’, and to examine your current challenges. Then, assuming we are all comfortable with each other and confident to move forward, I will create a plan of action that is uniquely tailored to you.


In the sessions that follow, we will alternate communal relationship discussions with one-to-one conversations, all designed to get your relationship back on track.


The investment in couple Therapy is € 140 per 75 minutes (VAT is not chargeable). In my experience, depending on the depth of your problems, it is usually possible to regain that all-important feeling of mutual trust within ten to twelve sessions.

Couple Therapy is not covered by health insurance. So you will not need a referral letter from your GP.  And of course your confidential information will not be disclosed to an insurance company. Your privacy is assured.


Feeling your partner is no longer emotionally ‘available’ to you can engender panic, anger, hostility and withdrawal. Sometimes, as a couple, you may unintentionally adopt patterns of behaviour that drive you even further apart, notwithstanding your true feelings: your deep-seated longing for connection; for safe haven.


In EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) Couple Therapy, emotions are the starting point; the basis on which you will learn to better understand each other, and yourself; reflecting  on your needs and fears, and discussing them with your partner; considering what's going on between you; how you feel about what is being said; and how to find each other once again.


As a scientifically based form of therapy, EFT helps to bring you back together as partners. So it is critical that both of you are willing to open up, and to commit to your relationship. In my practice, we work together in a safe environment focussed on developing a greater understanding of each other, and on restoring your connection.

Click here to learn more about EFT.

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