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The first step is the hardest: recognising that things are not going well, and agreeing that you could use some help. It’s a brave step, too: examining, with me, where you may have gotten stuck. I am well aware of that.


And change is not always easy; it takes courage and perseverance. But if, as a result, you are able to reconnect with your partner - to restore the warmth in your relationship - that decision will be rewarded many times over; helping you to recapture your ‘warm nest’. Of course, as we will be working so closely together, it is important that you are comfortable with me; that you feel able to be yourself, and to reveal your true feelings. I don't judge; I am here for both of you.


In addition to being a Self-Image Coach and Relationship Therapist, I have been married for over a quarter of a century and am a mother of four wonderful children. My passions include people-watching from the terrace, swimming in the lake, skiing with friends and spontaneous dinners at our kitchen table with our children, extended family and friends.

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