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Restore the warmth
in your relationship

The fact that you are visiting my website probably means that you are not as happy as you used to be in your relationship. You may be feeling lonely, neglected or unappreciated; as if you aren't important to your partner anymore. Perhaps you’ve been living together for a while and no longer ‘get’ what's going on in your partner’s mind.


You may be bickering about money, sex, the state of your home or bringing up the children; tiresome squabbles over trivial issues which actually speak to deeper problems within your relationship. Fights which are less about the clutter on the counter, or the kids spending too much time on their phones, and more about your need for connection. The sort of criticism that really translates as: I want to feel safe with you again; I yearn for the ‘warm nest’ that we once shared.


It’s this safe foundation, this warmth, that we will seek out together. In ten to twelve sessions, I would expect to see a significant improvement in your relationship.

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